Newborn Photography Sessions

‘What To Expect’

Newborn and baby photography sessions are an investment, therefore knowing what they entail and how I treat and care for my little clients is important.

When To Book:
Book as early as possible, I personally book in newborns 6 months in advance. Newborn sessions are designed for babies 14 days and under. The best time to photograph your little one is between day five – ten.  During this time newborns tend to be sleepier and retain that fresh newborn curl which will allow me to pose them for those angelic photographs. After 14 days, newborns tend to be more alert and stay awake longer so achieving certain poses isn’t always achievable however, capturing a baby beautifully at any age is always possible and a delight. types of poses becomes more difficult. I will set your newborn session on a temporary date (usually 5 days after your due date). Once you have given birth, simply give me a call/email, we will select a date for your newborn session within the first 5-10 days. I have a quiet, homely studio which means while the session is going on you can sit back and relax.

Things to think about:
When we schedule your session, we will discuss what you are looking for. Do you want only pictures of your baby? Are you more interested in your baby being photographed with family members as opposed to props? Is there anything specific you would like to incorporate into the photo shoot For example, you may have something sentimental that you would like in one of the photographs? Will there be any sibling shots? Will both parents be there? Do you want any skin on skin shots? All of these questions will help me make the session perfect for you.

Feeding your baby:
Doing this job has made me realise, the baby is the boss! So we just go with the flow and feed the baby whenever he/she is hungry. Keeping them happy at all times :).

What should parents wear to the photoshoot:
I know you are not feeling your best but it is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself for the session. Do your hair and make up and spend a little time focusing on you. As far as clothing – keep it simple. Throw in a little colour if you like but try and avoid any busy patterns as they become very distracting and can take the focus away from you and your baby. I prefer more neutral colours of clothing for family shot (different shades of a colour) as it is visually more pleasing to the viewer. Skin on skin pictures are also beautiful!! They are timeless images, if you would like some parent and baby shots or sibling and baby shots let me know prior to the shoot.

If you wish to have sibling shots remember and tell me their ages so I can come with some tricks up my sleeve. Working with newborns and toddlers can be very unpredictable as you know they are the boss! So a couple of days before the shoot help them practice their “cheese” face. If you are not taking part in the shoot, it will be very warm in the studio so light clothing might be a good idea.

What to bring with you:
Spare tops for both of you as your baby will no doubt poop and pee throughout the session. If you have introduced your baby to a dummy please bring that with you as it helps to soothe them and helps them sleep. I would also encourage you to bring anything that is special to you that you would perhaps like to incorporate into the session.

Props available:
I have a nice collection of baskets, blankets knit hats/hair bands, trousers and wraps that will be available. You are also of course more than welcome to use your own props. Please let me know prior to the session if you want to incorporate anything so I can make sure I have a matching set to complete the setup. Also, when booking your session we will discuss any poses or images you have seen and liked.