I have always been a creative person from a very young age. However it took a few years of soul searching to find my true passion – Photography. There is something about capturing raw, genuine moments that creates a sense of joy in me that cannot be measured. I love it all – Photography has became part of me and has helped shape me into the person and artist I am today.

When I began my journey to become a photographer, I had no idea what area of photography I would specialise in. All I knew was I loved studying people and capturing real emotion. Newborn Photography found me and I am so grateful that it did – my goal with every newborn is to capture all their little features in a way that it will never be again: brand new. To me there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing new parents watch in awe as you pose their newborn baby.

As for weddings – It is such an honour to be given the opportunity to be part of and document the biggest day of someones life. I love meeting and hearing every couples story and how they fell in love. After all – thats what life is all about. It gives me an insight into each couple which means I can create photographs that are unique because it’s built with their personality and memories at the heart of it. I get to witness the most extraordinary personal moments such as a father seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time, I get to hear the couples personal vows as they commit their lives to one another. These are you’re memories, this is you’re story and I am so lucky to be considered as your photographer to capture these significant moments.

If you’re looking for an experienced photographer to capture your big day or your new arrival then get in contact for more information.


I studied at the City of Glasgow College and graduated after three years with a Diploma in Photography. I am also a registered member of BANPAS – Baby And Newborn Photography Association and have had online training from some of the industry’s best newborn photographers – Kelly Brown, Erin Tole and many more. I have also attended live workshops and been shown in person how to pose newborns by Natalie Leech and Cass Davies.  After years of training and studying newborns, I can pose your baby, skilfully, comfortably and most importantly safely whilst giving you beautiful photographs to cherish.