Parent Photo’s – What To Wear

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Family Photography – What To Expect

Natural Family Photography

I know getting your photos done can be quite intimidating. Staring into a big dark lens with a crazy lady behind it isn’t the most comfortable thing (I know how it feels) – why do you think I am behind the camera? *wink*  In my studio we are so laid back and always have a good laugh with our clients and I promise I will make it a fun and relaxed experience and take that feeling away.  Capturing your new venture into parenthood is so important and one I know you won’t regret! Minus the tired eyes and sick covered tops – there seems to be a glow surrounding new parents and it would be a shame not to photograph that.

Here at Kellyann Fitzpatrick Photography, I am all about simplicity. I love natural reactions, genuine kisses and real laughter – that is why I encourage parent shots.  I don’t really ask you to smile at the camera a lot – I ask you to look at your baby, give their little nose kisses or just look at them and take in the fact that you made them. That’s what I want to capture – the look on your face as you do all of the above because thats when true, genuine love shows.

What To Wear

White, white white!! I love nice, clean images – so anything neutral works but white is my favourite. I don’t like anything that distracts your eye from the emotion in the photo, so try and avoid patterns or tops with a logo. Black and cream also works well with the white background.

Some parents come into the studio undecided on wether to have photos done with their baby or not, the ones who decide to go for it always end up loving the parent shots in the end.

Here are some examples of what works below:

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