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Sweet Little Boy | Newborn Baby Photos

By September 26, 2018 No Comments

Baby Grayson | Paisley Photography Studio

This little man posed like a professional. Newborn photography is a skill! It requires lots of patience, time and care. Newborn Safety is my first priority always! I don’t get many cryers in my studio – purely because I have a flow that works for me and my ‘tiny clients’ that keep them in a nice sleepy bubble whilst allowing me to pose them.

With certain shots, such as the one were they look like little potatoes all wrapped up is a composite photo. The baby is wrapped safely in a way that supports their heads and their little hands keep their heads raised. I ask the parents to hold them and merge two photos together to complete the final image – clever isn’t it 🙂

Anyway… How cute is this wee guy and how unique is his name?

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